Friday, June 7, 2013

An Evening Out

Somehow, I ended up out on the town with my wife and her friends. I wanted a picture of that stud in the white shirt, so I lied and told my wife I wanted to take her picture.

Later, my wife wanted me to come dance with her, but since I was afraid my butt plug would slip out of my slippery hole, I told her no.

Mr. White Shirt Stud didn't let her dance by herself for long. I love a man that takes what he wants. When he saw that I was no threat to him and just going to let him dance with my wife, he helped himself to her tits and ass a couple of times as they danced. Afterwards, he insisted that I take a picture of him with my wife.

I don't think she noticed the rude hand gesture, but it made my clitty tingle in my panties. He ended up leaving with a younger woman who didn't have saggy tits like my wife. I masturbated thinking about him and his big cock just before I went to bed with my wife. 

Not An Option

Mistress Jane says that sissies like me with tender nipples and limp clitties don't fuck pussy, they SUCK COCK!

Nipple Budding

My nipples are getting SO SENSITIVE from the pills I take for Mistress Jane. She says I will be budding soon like this girl.

Mistress laughed when she told me that I will need to avoid being shirtless around my wife from now on.

Curling Iron

Mistress Jane will love this picture since she makes me use my wife's curling iron as a dildo.